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Runtime Error 429 – Problem and Solution

What is Runtime Error?

Runtime error 429 is an error that causes the program, which we are using currently, to shut down suddenly. It is mainly caused due to memory issue/computer threats / conflict between software’s or registry problems.

Runtime error 429

The most common runtime error is “ActiveX component can’t create object”. It is a warning that the computer is having ActiveX files that are corrupted. It is a problem that needs to be attended with immediate effect to ensure that the computer does not crash and we do not lose all the work saved in the hard drive.

There are many different types of runtime error 429 that happens with many different software and programs, like active, visual basic and office programs.  These errors happen due to corrupted windows files.

Fixing Runtime Error 429

Some say we have to un-install, re-install, re-register and un-register all the programs but doing all this won’t work most of the times and we might lose our saved data.

Software and programs use certain controls so that they are able to work. If these controls are missing (because they are not registered), the program will not work and we will get a runtime error.

Sometime if we un-install a program but the controls that it was using still have entries, we need to ensure that the entries are also cleared so as to avoid future error problems.

We can fix runtime error in the following ways:

  1. Manually

  • Scan the computer for viruses as viruses can cause runtime error by modifying windows registry.
  • If we get a runtime error when a program runs, we have to either update or un-install the program
  • We have to restore the computer to earlier point where the error has not occurred.
  • As runtime errors are generated from registry, we need to clean up windows registry.
  • Download the tool and click on scan button so that the tool scans all the corrupt files in the computer. Once the problems are found we have to click on Fix to fix the problems. Once the problems are fixed, it will enhance the speed of the computer and runtime error message will also disappear.
  1. Download  runtime error 429 repair tool

We can visit the below mentioned websites to download and fix the runtime error 429.

  • www.runtime-errorfix.com
  • www.runtimeerror429.com

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