Error C00D11BB occurs generally when the Windows operating system is damaged extremely and the damage is due to corrupt system components or some system files missing.

Cause of c00d11bb Error

Error C00D11BB is “Unsupported Protocol”. Most of the time we will get the error while we are trying to stream a file over a protocol used by another program. This can make our computer highly unstable and also could cause significant damages to the files.

Some time we will get the error in “Error code c00d11bb the specified protocol is not supported” format. Error C00D11BB can also slow down the system. Windows media player can not open the file because either the specified protocol is not supported by the player or the server. If we encounter the error by clicking the link on a Webpage then the link might not be valid. And if we encounter the error by typing the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) in the open URL dialog box then we have to use different transport protocols (Such as- HTTPS or RSTP) to open the file.


Error C00D11BB may cause permanent damage to the system if the issue is not resolved immediately.

Fix c00d11bb Error

We can also change the protocol settings to work the media player properly. First we have to go to the Tools menu, click Options and then the Network tab. In the streaming protocols area we have to select all the protocol check boxes. Windows media Player cannot be used as a browser and the supported protocols can be used only to stream digital media files.

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