Mrt stands for Malicious Software Removal Tool. mrt.exe is a tool to remove Windows malicious software.

It scans for viruses in the background and updates itself every patch day. This particular program at specific times will have a lot of disk activities and it also sends data to Microsoft about the problems and viruses.

Location of mrt.exe and its Importance

Mrt.exe can be found in C:/Windows/system.32. This process is important for safe and secure browsing of the internet and it should not be removed.

This process works under the security technologies of Microsoft and it is responsible for the detection and addressing spyware that can monitor a user’s web usage.

mrt.exe is integrated in the MS Operating system and this is updated on every second Tuesday of every month. It automatically runs as a background process when a user is on the computer.

mrt.exe is not harmful to the computer and it is a valid program and safe process. It will not put the computer under threat neither it will put any of our personal information under risk.

It is a non system process that comes from the software that we have installed in the computer and it is very common for most of the programs to store data in the computer system’s registry. This is the reason why it is most unlikely that the computer registry may have errors/fragmentation.

To ensure that we have no errors with mrt.exe we can opt to check the system registry to be able to recognize and repair the errors.

Can we delete mrt.exe

Most of the non system processes running in your system can be stopped as they are not involved in running the operating system. But mrt.exe is used by Microsoft Windows Operating System so in order to delete or stop the mrt.exe we have to permanently uninstall Microsoft Windows Operating system from our system.

Hence, it is clear that deleting mrt.exe requires permanently uninstall Microsoft Windows Operating system.

mrt exe image

You now have got all the information about what is mrt.exe and the problems that you may face with it and how to deal with those problems. Hope it will help you in resolving your PC issues.

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