About Us

Happy to help! That’s our motto. Anything from computers, software and mobile platforms – both android and iOS, you name it, we solve it. We are a team of experts with years of experience in respective fields and promise to deliver you the solutions to all your technical problems. Our skill is honed from handling real-life scenarios over the past years and the evolving issues related to technology and the advances in it make us your best destination to approach as we are constantly solving these issues.

With the internet becoming ubiquitous, tons of sites give out all sorts of advice, but what sets us apart is our extensive technical knowledge that ensures that we give the best possible solutions that are sure to impress you. We also give tips and tricks that will help you traverse through the nitty-gritties of everything related to technology gain the most from your devices.

Chris Morris: A seasoned technology geek, Chris is the brains behind everything at techproblems.org. He has extensive knowledge about technology and his unbridled enthusiasm about technology and hands-on experience makes him the ideal brains behind the website. He personally oversees the operations and is the beacon that guides the team to deliver their best. His area of expertise includes mobile platforms like Android and iOS and is an expert of mobile rooting.

Jonathan Livingstone: A perfect blend of nerdy and explorative, Jonathan is an excellent resource who has a key attention to detail. His analysis of the issue at hand, his insights into all the possible solutions coupled with his intuition to pick the right one make him indispensable with everything related to technology. His interests include Windows and Mac operating systems and he is a pro in everything related to computer operating systems.

Nathan Stone: This street-smart technology buff loves to explore all the happenings in the technology world and thus aid him in finding all the tips and tricks that most of you might miss. His zeal to excel is what drives the team to find all the fun ways to maximize the potential of your electronic devices. His skills in HTML, software web development make him a go to guy for everything related to these technical areas.