If you think about it, the Windows Update function is kind of like Batman, protecting your system from the dangers lurking out there, silently working in the background updating your OS.

And a problem with the Windows Update can result in some serious problems for the pc. One such error is the Windows Update Error 80244019, occurring due to a connectivity problem with the main Windows server.

This means that the system is not able to download the security patches launched by Microsoft, discussed below are some causes and cures to fix this error,

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What causes the Windows Update Error 80244019?

The 80244019 error is mostly found in the Windows 7 and later versions, indicating a connectivity issue with the main server. And while this might be a temporary glitch where the Microsoft Server is down, there also might be a chance that your system is faulty.

Your system will encounter this error when it is unable to download the recent updates from the WSUS server. This happens because:

  • You haven’t updated your pc for a long time and now it lacks the necessary MIME/Types for proper functioning of the server.
  • Faulty or corrupted DLL files and registration keys
  • There is no such update file on the server
  • Virus or Trojan infestation
  • General connectivity issues and other software glitches.

How to identify the error

This commonly found error is not only very frustrating but can also pose some serious security threats that would damage the system permanently. Listed below are the few indicators that can help you identify this error:

  • Slow performance (the system hangs a lot)
  • Frequent screen freezes
  • Start-up and shut down problems
  • Does not support external hardware, also errors in software installations
  • Programs and applications are locked unexpectedly

Some quick fixes to remove the error

Mentioned below are some simple and effective ways you can fix the Windows Update Error 80244019.

Check for problems in the BITS or Windows Update Service

A sure shot way of identifying and fixing an update error is by checking the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS). Open the command prompt and type “net start BITS” and “net start wuauserv” to access the service.

Troubleshoot the network settings

Download the Windows Update Trouble-shooter to fix the network connectivity problems of the system. Another way to troubleshoot a dead network is by resetting the router and modifying the configuration.

This happens because your network or DSL router has a link failure or other technical issues. Downloading the SmartPCFixer or Windows Repair Tool also assists troubleshooting.

Remove the DNSChanger Trojan

Some virus or Trojan infestation might also cause the 80244019 error, running a DNS scan or MalwareBytes Anti-Malware can help you recognise the Trojan. MalwareBytes is among the best and easiest ways of removing the Changer Trojan.


Install the updates manually:

In case the above mentioned methods fail you can always download the updates manually from the Microsoft server. Search the update code on Google and download it directly from the Windows website.


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