What is wuauclt.exe

Wuauclt.exe is an updatable client of windows. Wuauclt means windows auto updatable client and .exe is an extension file. The process name is Microsoft Windows Update. The application using the process is Microsoft Windows Operating System. 

Wuauclt.exe is used to check the available updates (Various versions of Microsoft Windows platform) from Microsoft updates. When the Wuauclt.exe file is waiting for a response or an action then it is included in the list of active processes in Task Manager. 

Wuauclt.exe is a client file used to auto update Windows. This file checks the Microsoft web site for OS updates. It is visible on the Task Managers process list while waiting for a response. This file can be deactivated. 

Then it will not affect the automatic operating system updates and will have to search this file manually. The Wuauclt.exe file is not virus unless Wuauclt.exe is found anywhere but the windows/system332 folder. 

If Wuauclt.exe is found anywhere else then it is most likely a virus, Trojan, adware etc. The Wuauclt.exe file will be mimicked by quite a few viruses.

wuauclt.exe Common Path is  C:WINDOWSsystem32

If it is a virus, it can be identified by only an up to date antivirus or malware scan. There will be an option to fix, save or delete. As most of the computer viruses are beyond rehabilitation, the best thing is to delete the file. 

There will be two reasons if you suspect the system has a virus disguised at the Windows auto update client file, first is the virus may not be identified by the virus scan or second the scan may be out of date. That’s why it is essential to keep all the antivirus or malware scans up to date.

A search for the Wuauclt.exe file will reveal the location and if the location is not windows/system32 folder then it is virus. Go to the searched location and zap it dead. 

If it is not possible to delete then search for a file removal program and remove the file using removal program. There are other options. Such as to perform a system restore, returning the operating system to factory condition. 

But there is a drawback to losing the updates. So the best way is to restore or update windows and reinstall the program drives.

Common problems

When trying to update, the Wuauclt.exe file has encountered a problem and needs to be closed. First look for wuauclt.exe in %SystemRoot%System32dllcache then under properties check version, ensure that it matches in %SystemRoot%System32. If KB927891 patch is installed uninstall it and if the problem persists then perform a repair installation of the windows operating system.

This process may use 100% CPU time and can be caused by Wuauclt.exe. It happens due to being stuck in an infinite loop trying to download the same update. To fix the problem, first disable the automatic updates via the control panel and then reboot the system. It is possible to enable the automatic updates again if the file is not running after a few minutes.

Removing wuauclt.exe file

The Wuauclt.exe file can be easily removed without causing any harm to the computer or operating system by simply shutting off the program. Please follow the following steps to remove it.

  • First press “ctrl”, “alt” and “delete” all together to open the task manager. 
  • Then click on the “process” tab. This will show all the active processes running on the computer. 
  • Find “wuauclt.exe” and choose “end process”. It will stop the program. 
  • Close task manager and open “My Computer”. Double click on the “C drive” and then on “WINDOWS” and “system32” folders. 
  • Now find the file and delete if. At last empty the recycle bin to completely remove the deleted file. Alternatively, a registry cleaner can be used.

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