It is a Microsoft Windows installer executable file used to help in installing .msi (Windows Installer File) files. When we install any .msi file the msiexec.exe starts its operation to install it properly. It runs behind so that we can’t view its visual work procedure.

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Microsoft Windows Operating System (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 etc.)


C:WindowsSystem32. But sometimes it can also be in C:Program Files


The usual problem that may occur is .msi files can’t be installed properly. Additionally our computer may run in an unusual manner.

microsoft visual c++ Runtime library


The possible causes of this error are few.

  1. Sometimes the msiexec.exe file can be mistakenly deleted.
  2. Virus attack is also a common cause.
  3. In our computer there can be registry errors and this can lead us to this error.


  1. We can fix the msiexec.exe error in the registry entry file by some commands in the safe mode operations. All the steps involved are quite hectic and difficult to perform.
  2. So next we can fix the error with the help of some software. Here are some links of software which can possibly help us fix the error.

It is always recommended that we can avoid the error occurrence by taking some steps i.e. using some tools we can run our computer error free.

  1. The common symptom of msiexec.exe error is a problem in the registry. So we can fix registry errors by using Advanced System Care Software which is recommended by CNET. The link to download the software is
  2. Additionally to keep ourselves away from virus attacks we have to use good antivirus software. According to PCMAG.COM Norton Antivirus is the best. The link for Norton Antivirus is given by:
  3. Accessing the windows file is not a good choice. If we mistakenly delete any file that can lead us to a problem. So we have to be careful about that also.

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