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What is Error 0x8000ffff

0x8000ffff is a catastrophic error. It appears when you install new software application or update the windows operating system or back up hard-drive data or using system resources.

Problem ‘n’ Solution

The reasons for error 0x8000ffff are improper system settings, a corrupted registry, unnecessary temporary files or a malware/virus infection. The error 0x8000ffff happens when the OS cannot process user commands due to system parameter conflicts. The error 0x8000ffff may be occurred during routine windows processing.

  • Usually the 0x8000ffff error is caused by the damaged or improperly configured registry files. The registry provides software setting instructions to windows. So whenever someone changes, deletes, install software in windows it will always change the registry. Hence the registry is highly complex.The best way to resolve the issue is to use Registry Cleaner. It will scan your system for free and will identify and fix problematic files automatically.
  • Viruses are infectious programs. They can alter, remove and harm important windows files. The symptoms are erratic behaviour, impeded performance and constant CPU processing. If your system is not protected then use anti-virus to protect the attacks.
  • Drivers are very important computer programs which allow software to interact with the hardware. Drivers may become damaged or misplaced due to viruses, or corrupted registry, or accidental software deletions. These derivers help to work the system in a right way. So the drivers should run according to their own way and should be updated to detect the conflicts.
  • This can happen due to the backup to a disk being used Advanced Open File Option (AOFO) backup and AOFO is not installed in the target machine. Volume Shadow Copy Service Provider (VSS) is not shared and Remote Agent for Windows Servers (RAWS) is not installed on the target machine. The Solution is to verify that VSS is started and RAWS or AOFO is installed on target machine. So go to Start and then in Run type Services.msc (for VSS and RAWS) or msinfo32 (for AOFO). Then check Volume Shadow Copy and Microsoft Software shadow Copy Provider (for VSS) or check for Backup Exec Remote Agent (for RAWS). For AOFO expand Software Environment – System Driver and locate vsp.sys.

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