Garageband For Windows  Downloading the Awesome Music Production App on Non Apple Devices

Garageband For Windows  Downloading the Awesome Music Production App on Non-Apple Devices

Apple’s exclusive software often becomes a rage purely because they are, well, exclusive. With Garageband, however, the fame is very real, highly justified, and very likely to be sustained for the years to come. Garageband is an easy to use, intuitive, and feature rich Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software designed and developed by Apple Inc.

The application is exclusive to Apple iOS and Mac OS. We won’t delve deep into the features and functionalities of Garageband. Instead, we will help users find out methods to get Garageband equivalent for Windows, or better still, get Garageband for Windows 7 or later.

Why Would Anyone Want to Download Garageband For Windows

The answer is very easy – Garageband completely eliminates the difficult learning curve generally associated with DAW apps. Not only does the GUI make the app super easy to use, but also users find it convenient to find the feature they need without getting lost in hierarchies of menus.

MixCraft is often considered as a Garageband alternative for Windows. However, the ease of use of Apple’s software makes it the first choice of any music lover and creator. What do you do, however, if you want to run Garageband on a non-Apple device?

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Garageband Free Download For Windows

Today, Garageband is one of the best and most popular music production software in the market, making it easy for beginners as well as professionals to innovate and create music easily.

No wonders, that anybody interested in music but using a PC would want to download Garageband for Windows. The big question – is it possible? Well, yes.

Prerequisites for Downloading Garageband on Windows

Before we tell you how you can get Garageband for Windows 7, let’s tell you the prerequisite configuration and system specs you need.

  • Windows 7 or higher version
  • 2GB RAM
  • Intel core processor with i3 chipset (or more)
  • At least 2GB free disk space

Next, here are the three methods for the installing Garageband on Windows.

Method 1: Use Rare Software’s Installer for Garageband on Windows

In-arguably, this is the easiest and most reliable method of installing Garageband on Windows 7 or higher versions.

  • Go to Rare Software’s web page for Garageband installer; the link to Garageband 10 is accessible here.
  • Download the installer package, and double click it when done.
  • Once the installer is launched, select the folder where you want the installation files to be saved.
  • Wait for the installer to complete Garageband installation; this could take 10-15 minutes.
  • Once downloaded, you can then upgrade to the newest Garageband version and start using it on your Windows PC.

Note: The controls will be the same as in Mac (example, close and minimize buttons on the left), so you might need some time to get accustomed to the software.

Method 2: Using an emulator to access Garageband

A slightly more complex method, though almost as reliable as the above, is to use an Android emulator to run applications you don’t have access to otherwise.

BlueStacks is a safe, reliable, and easy to use emulator for this purpose. YouWave is another goo emulator software. We’ll explain using Bluestacks as an example.

  • Go to; you’ll be able to easily identify a download link for the installer package.
  • Install Bluestacks and launch the app when done.
  • You will need a Google ID to log in to Bluestacks.
  • After signing in, use the search option to find Garageband.
  • Click on the Garageband icon to install it, and use it like you would on a Mac!
  • Note: This is not exactly a method to download Garageband, and more about accessing the app via a connecting application. So, you will need to use Bluestacks every time you want to use Garageband.

Method 3: Go for a Garageband alternative for Windows

If you are not able to use Garageband via any of the two methods described above, consider using free programs like Garageband for Windows alternatives. LMMS, for instance, is a pretty decent free option, in spite of its unappealing GUI.

The software offers open source music production capabilities via an expansive range of powerful features. For those who want Garageband for some fun experiments with music, Music Maker Jam is a recommended option. Other options include Stagelight, FL Studio, and Reaper.

Concluding Remarks

Garageband is getting stronger, better, faster, and more powerful. Don’t miss out on its amazing music production functionalities just because you don’t own an Apple device. Trust these methods, and get going, today.

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