What is winlogon.exe

winlogon.exe is a Microsoft Windows OS file which is responsible for the login and logout procedure of a computer. It runs silently behind the tasks but it’s a very important executable file.

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Just taking an example that on a specific computer there are three users, so for different users the username and password will be different and also the profile i.e. library files will also be different.

Now when we give specific credentials we login into a specific account. Now all these tasks i.e. loading the exact account on giving credentials is done by winlogon.exe. Also when the screensaver is running, locking the computer is done by winlogon.exe. So by all these means we can easily understand that winlogon.exe is quite an essential .exe file.


Windows Operating system (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 etc.)




  1. As winlogon.exe is involved with windows login and logout procedure, problems in it sometimes cause irregular and irrelevant credentials requirements.
  2. We can find that the computer is performing very slowly.
  1.  The start-up and shutdown process will take an unusually very long time.
  2. The home page of our browser will change unexpectedly and different unusual pop-ups will be seen while surfing the internet.
  3. The programs will run in an unusual manner.


  1. The most common cause of winlogon.exe error is virus attack.
  2. Sometimes mistakenly deletion is also a cause of the problem.
  3. Downloading and installing of not trusted software also leads to such problems.
  4. Sometimes windows update generates several winlogon.exe files in the system32 folder. These several files may conflict with each other and corrupt the winlogon.exe files.


  1. Whenever we see such problems regarding winlogon.exe errors, we can download ErrorRepair_Installer software recommended by Microsoft. The link is given below:  https://www.exefiles.com/en/exe/winlogon-exe/
  2. Use of spyware removal software will also help in this context. PC ADVISER recommended PCSafeDoctor is a good tool. The link is: http://www.pcsafedoctor.com/

It is evident that prevention is better than cure. So if we follow some preventive steps then we can stop the problem.

  1. We must be careful of deleting any system file.
  2. Before installing software we should check by antivirus whether it has any problem or not.
  3. Use of trusted antivirus software and updating the database of the antivirus is also essential. According to PCMAG.COM Norton Antivirus is a good one. The link for Norton Antivirus is given: http://us.norton.com/
  4. Use of registry repair software is also a good habit. We can download trusted registry repair software to avoid such problems. According to PCMAG.COM Advanced System Care is a good one. The link is http://www.iobit.com/advancedsystemcareper.html

These were some of the ways to prevent any errors related to winlogon.exe. These preventive steps help in running the system smoothly.

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