How to Root Samsung Galaxy A20s?

Hi there, I hope you have a great day! In this post, I will cover different methods of root Samsung Galaxy A20s, so make sure to stick to the end to unlock those features.

Rooting any android phone is not difficult as you think. But, you need to know about the correct method from which you can unlock those exciting privileges with no issue.

You can use rooting platforms like magisk, Dr.Fone, KingRoot, and many more options to achieve your dream to unleash the true potential of your device.

There’s no denying that root privileges unveil many features that might not be attainable in chronic cases. Are you excited to achieve those traits? Yes, you are! With that said, let’s head toward the basics and grasp information about root.

What is Root?

The root directory is the operating system directory that holds the power to store data files. It is one of the prominent components of the system settings that are positioned in the internal storage. This directory is skilled at storing apps and users’ data.

But usually, regular users can’t access those system files since we all know that phone makers didn’t allow that access in the first place. However, those doors won’t hold us back. Are you ready to know what reasons to root Samsung Galaxy A20s?

Why Root Samsung Galaxy A20s?

Most of the users who want to unlock those amazing rooting privileges have their motives to obtain those fascinating access. But the common trait seen in the users is that why have a burning desire to try out something from the boring settings.

Are you one of them, looking for a better software configuration? Yes, you are! That’s why you are looking for a method to root any phones. Besides this, one of the major reasons is to remove the annoying bloatware apps and get a clean UI experience.

Some tech enthusiasts are searching for a path to grab total control over the handset settings. It is also possible with root access. The list of reasons can go on and on, but let’s see the pros and cons factors to understand everything precisely.

Benefits of Rooting Samsung Galaxy A20s

There’s no denying that rooting arrives with unique traits and functions that you might not see while using the regular android phone. But, everything going to change.

Here is the list of benefits that you will get after rooting your device!

Add personalization features

Once you have unlocked those fascinating rooting traits, changing the interface layer will become easier. You didn’t have to rely on the boring interface settings anymore.

You can effectively modify the interface functioning according to your desire and bring an outstanding personalized experience without any problem. Likewise, add different custom ROM features to become more effortless and manageable.

Flash Incompatible software

Rooting features provide various opportunities with custom ROMs. With this, you can perform several amazing things. Moreover, you can install incompatible apps now.

There is countless software that you won’t run unless the device has root access. It includes software like overclocking that boosts the performance into multiple folds in a pretty hassle-free manner while the underclocking app increase battery life.

Advanced Backup Solution

Usually, when you root any android phone, you will obtain a robust feature set, one of them is that you can backup the entire firmware file whenever you want it.

For that, you will need to download a custom recovery. It will store all of the data and create an advanced backup solution without much hassle. This is one of the exciting features of rooting. You try even to restore files like you never used to be before.

Optimize Performance factor

In the Android ecosystem, you will find various smartphone OEMs which are loaded with lots of bloatware apps. That pre-install system software only acquires space.

Besides this, they also slow down the performance to some extent. But, the rooting features can easily remove those annoying apps from the interface with no issue at all. With this, you will receive a clean UI experience with optimized performance.

Flaws of Rooting Samsung Galaxy A20s

Now that you have understood the good side of rooting, it’s time to get information about the downsides. In the following list, I have covered common disadvantages.

Unable to update

Rooting is not all good and gold as you may have thought at the first time. If you unlock those settings, you won’t be able to attain those upcoming future android updates.

In the unrooted smartphone, you will seamlessly obtain the latest update without any stabilization problem. But things go south once you have rooted the phone. If you try to get the official update, there’s a high chance that the system will crash.

Complete Brick problem

A rooted device opens a new path for customization and there’s no denying that, but at the same time, the users also get the power to delete anything from the system.

If by mistake you have recklessly deleted some of the important system files, it renders havoc. In the worst case, the device becomes a complete brick. So, you are suggested to be cautious while handling the firmware files to avoid any severe damage later on.

Disclose privacy factor

Privacy privileges are the major concern when you root any android phone. There are different methods and you download advanced applications without any problem.

But if those highly-advanced apps get root access, your privacy info can be leaked as that app got the access. To avoid those cases, we recommend you always download from a trusted source, otherwise, you will have a compromise with security.

Effect device performance

Once you have unleashed those rooting power, there’s nothing that can stop you from getting those fabulous performance traits. Yet, the processing speed will decrease.

There will be a time when everything starts to feel like normal. In the worst case, you might even notice jester and lags while using the phone. The slowdown performance can even lead to bootloop issues but worry not as it didn’t happen in most cases.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy A20s?

There are two genuine methods from which any user can unlock that powerful feature for their phone. But each process has its risks and flaws, so choose wisely.

Disclaimer: Tech Problems is not accountable for any damage. Rooting arrives with its flaws and downside. Only if you are willing to take the risk, then move forward.


But before diving into the vast ocean of customization, I would highly recommend you to finish the following requirement to avoid any problems while applying those robust traits over your phones. Make sure to stick to the end for great results!

  • First of all, you need to fuel your phone more than 80% for the process.
  • You will require a computer to run the basic fastboot commands.
  • Make sure you have installed the essential fastboot and USB drivers.
  • In some methods, you have unlocked the bootloader settings.

Note: Rooting comes with its consequences and you already while reading this post. For your convenience, take a complete backup before getting started.

Method #1 Root Samsung Galaxy A20s Using Magisk

If you are rooting your phone using the magisk, you will receive all of the exciting traits without any hassle as everything works systemless. Usually, when you root devices, the system partition modifies, while magisk only applies changes in the boot partition.

Therefore, it makes the process secure and easier. So, let’s dig into the instructions.

Step 1: Developer Mode access

  • First of all, you have to unlock the developer mode settings.
  • Go to the settings→ Tap on About Phone → Click on Build Number 8-times.
  • Again, open settings and scroll down below to tap on the developer mode.
  • Inside those system features, allow OEM unlocking and USB debugging.

Step 2: Get the Stock Firmware

  • The Samsung stock firmware is available on the Samfrew website.
  • Browse that site and enter your phone model number and region.
  • Hit enter to obtain the correct firmware file in a flashable zip format.
Tech Problems
  • Download the firmware zip file and extract it using any unzipper tool.
  • Inside the extracted folder, there’s an AP file, copy it to your phone.

Step 3: Create a patched file

  • You have to download and install Magisk to create a patch file.
  • Access the apk and tap on the Magisk Install button.
Tech Problems
  • Select the options using the patched file choice from the list.
  • Navigate to the copied AP file located and tap on that file.
Tech Problems
  • A magisk.patched.tar file will be created in the download.
  • Finally, transport this patched file to your computer.

Step 4: Flash Patched file using Odin

  • Make sure to download and extract Odin Tool on your PC.
  • Inside the Odin tool, tap on the AP option to go to the .tar file.
  • Disable the Auto-Reboot that’s present on the left-hand side.
Tech Problems
  • Now, you have to boot the Samsung phone into download mode.
  • Connect the device using the USB cable to your computer/laptop.
  • Lastly, click on the start button to flash magisk over your handset.

Step 5: Clear the entire data (Mandatory)

  • I’m assuming that you are in the download mode of your smartphone.
  • In that case, you have to press the Volume Down and Bixby/Power key.
  • Then immediately also press the Volume Up button to access stock recovery.
  • Now, navigate to the Factory Reset option present in list using Volume keys.
  • Press the Power key to confirm the action and wait till the process ends.
  • At last, long press power button to open your phone in the usual manner.

Step 6: Setup the device

  • Following this, you have to set up the handset and install magisk software.
  • When you install the magisk apk, you will notice that the magisk is installed.
  • With this, you have attained root access over your Samsung phone.

Method #2 Root Samsung Galaxy A20s By KingoRoot

The KingoRoot can root any android phone using two methods. Either you can install it on a PC or get it on an android phone. But we would prefer you with the latter on.

If you are using the computer method, make sure to download software on the PC and connect your phone using the USB cable. On the other hand, let’s catch up in a simple method. Here’s the list of the steps you need to follow for unlocking rooting traits.

  • Like the previous method, download the KingoRoot apk.
  • Following this, you have to open the KingRoot application.
Tech Problems
  • Inside the app, press the One click Root button.
  • Once the percentage process end, you have rooted the device.

Final Verdict

Kudos! I hope that you have gained those amazing rooting features. With those traits, you can easily obtain those fascinating customization, privacy, and security attributes.

Despite this, if you encounter any difficult situation while following the methods, do let us know in the following comment section to solve the issue without any problem.

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