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mscorsvw.exe – Problem and Solution

What is mscorsvw.exe

Mscorsvw.exe is definitely not a virus. Instead it is a very important process and it is required by programs which rely on dot net architecture. Mscorsvw.exe is registered to Microsoft Corporation. It provides an indispensable part of .Net Framework architecture. If we have installed Microsoft .net framework in the system then this file gets installed.  This process is responsible for pre-compiling .Net framework files working as a background process.


If we have installed some application and then we are getting some error message it is quite likely that the particular application came with the .Net framework version bundled with it. Sometimes multiple instances of mscorsvw.exe are present in the task manager. This is due to the fact that it is trying to compile the assembly files required for the application but it is unable to do so. We have to type “C:\WINDOWSMicrosoft.NETFrameworkv2.0.50727ngen.exeexecutequeueditems” in the run command using Administrator privileges.


How to Remove or Disable mscorsvw.exe

Open Task Manager and navigate to “processes” tab. Over there we will find the process “mscorsvw.exe”. Right click on the process and select “End Process Tree” and press OK. This will terminate the process.

But it is advisable that we should not disable this process permanently as it is a core system addon process and it will be required by numerous programs. It also has a very high dependency factor required by programming applications.

Disabling this process requires that we should also disable the services which trigger this particular process. In order to do this we have to type “services.msc” in the run panel. Then we have to browse to services tab where we will find .Net Runtime Optimization Service. We just have to click it and choose “disable” then”OK”. Then we have to restart the system. This will thus permanently disable the service.

Hope that the above information will be helpful to know about and also to remove mscorsvw.exe process.

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