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jqs.exe – Problem and Solution

What is jqs.exe

Jqs.exe is nothing but a program which can be found when we open the task manager. We will see a process jqs.exe is running in the background. This software is either pre-installed or had been installed by us. It consumes around 1.5MB of the memory of the computer and about 2MB of virtual memory. The full form of jqs is Java Quick Starter and it belongs to java. This is meant for webpage browsing and it is not at all considered as a malware or spyware.

The main requirement of this process is the improvement of the start-up time of Java applets and also the applications by Pre-fetching Java Runtime Environment files into the memory.


How to disable jqs.exe

If we are not dealing frequently with java applets, we should disable the process.

We have to go to Control Panel and have to open the Java entry.

From there navigate to advanced tab and take a look at the miscellaneous entry

We have to uncheck the activated Java Quick Starter entry.

Uninstalling the process leaves registry keys which can be found on the registry. We have to scan the registry for the detection and removal of the obsolete entries.

Remove jqs.exe virus

Although there are many files in the default file locations, some of the files can be moved to some other locations or different locations very easily or they can also change the names like many adware, spyware or pop-up programs does. If we are suspecting for the presence of spyware or malware in our system, we have to check for the similar names stored somewhere else. We can also check the task list for the current running program on the computer.

We can always view the task list by navigating to task manager by pressing alt-ctrl-del. This will show us the tasks running on the computer. Dll files will never be shown on the task list of the computer. We can see similar program names running in the computer if spyware or adware is present in the computer. We just have to ensure for the location of the tasks or processes that we are concerned about and then if the tasks or process is not present in its actual location then we have to remove it as it is sure to be a malware.

The common path for jqs.exe is given below

C:Program FilesJavajre6binjqs.exe

We can remove jqs.exe virus by going on to the following link.

This process is not at all CPU intensive but running too many processes may decrease the performance of the PC.

I hope this document will help you a lot in understanding in depth of the jqs.exe process and also about the removal process for the same.

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