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HTTP 500 Error – Problem and Solution

Nowadays, in our daily life internet delivers a great deal of support in doing our job swiftly. Sometimes while surfing internet we come across the problem that says “HTTP 500 Internal server error”.


HTTP means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol which is a protocol for collaborative, distributive and hypermedia information system. HTTP has different status code for defining different problems in the internet. HTTP 5xx has also its kind, the ‘5’ indicates that the web server is aware of the problem occurred or it fails to fulfil the user’s request. More specifically when web browsers display the “HTTP 500 Internal server error” message it indicates that web server is aware of the problem but it can’t specify the reason.

So it is clear that there are not enough information provided about the problems or we can say that it covers a large amount of possible errors. As this error occurs within the web server so there is very narrow passage for fixing it. Still there are some remedies that can help us fix the problem.


This is networking error so it can happen in any OS and in any web browsers.


The problem is pretty simple that we can’t see the page requested or we can’t download the file we are trying to.


As the problem is from the server not within the user’s computer or ISP (Internet Service Provider), so there is quite a few solutions that we can apply.

  1. First thing that we can do is to press F5 button i.e. just refresh the page so that we can view the page. This is because some temporary problem might have showed the error message.
  2. If the problem persists we can visit the site later. Maybe later the problem may be resolved by the site owner.
  3. If the problem still persists then least we can do that is to inform the web master. Usually the email ID of web master is webmaster@example.com. Replace example.com by the site address.

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