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How to Download Torrent Files

Torrent files are associated with P2P clients that can be downloaded on user’s PC. P2P (peer to peer) technology is widely famous for downloading files such as music, videos, software etc. Here in this article are mentioned steps for torrent download

Install Torrent client

Several Torrent clients are available over web for the user to download and install. The widely used ones are mTorrent (utorrent), Bit Torrent and Azureus. Here in this tutorial we have taken uTorrent since its most common and good in feature and performance. It’s a small application (around 625KB) that can be downloaded from utorrent.com


. Install the application once download is complete. Please refer to the install screen shots as below

File Open

Setup Window

Optional Component Window


Torrent file download

Once the client has been downloaded and installed, user needs to locate the torrent file corresponding to the file to download (media, software, etc). For this purpose one needs to visit Torrrent serving/indexing sites such as:


You can also search for the Torrent file on any search engine (Google, Bing).

For example if you want to download a movie then put “Movie_name torrent download” in search box. This will show list of index websites that are serving that particular torrent file. Locate the download link and click to download on local PC. Please note this is not the file or media you wish to download, it’s just the index file, which contains all the information about the actual file. This file is generally very small in size (around 50KB)


Start uTorrent Application

Find the downloaded torrent file (desktop or download folder) and double click to open. System will automatically open the Torrent client. Please refer to the screen below

uTorrent Client


In the example shown above a file is being downloaded and the progress, time elapsed; estimate download time can be monitor. Couple of concepts that should be kept in mind while using Torrent client is,



It’s a computer or user that has complete copy of the file that needs to be downloaded and is in position to share it with other user.



It’s a computer or user that does more downloads than upload, intentionally or otherwise.


So effectively high number of seeders associated with a file, is good for the person downloading that particular file. Make sure to choose the torrent file, which has high number of seeders. Generally files can be sorted depending upon number of seeders in the index sites. High number of seeders also indicates that the associated file is good to use (since large number of users have downloaded and kept it on their systems)


Please keep in mind that certain files are copyright protected and make sure its legal to download in your area (Country). Also keep the Anti virus on your PC up-to-date since file that is being downloaded is from another PC.

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