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How to Clear Google Search History

Google is the largest player in search engines’ competition, being surfed most times than any other web site. Every day, millions of people use Google for searching something, let it be any music, movies, wallpapers of any other adult content!



What Google does is, it stores all the data, information and log of your activities and associates it with your Google account. This eases Google’s efforts to provide personalized services to the users. Every time a user opens Google, it checks whether the user has signed in or not; if the user has not signed in, Google let user search things without any further personalized help but if the user has signed in, Google provide list of previously written searches or names of the web sites once user start typing, making it easier for user to surf the net.



Although it is a gift for busy users as they do not have to remember everything, they can just type one or two words out of whole sentence or keyword and previously saved searches pop up, some users hate this feature. While some users hate this feature out of some private reasons, some people want to ensure that the data that they have checked or used on public computers should not be made available to others.

How to delete the Google search history

  • Anyone using any version of Internet explorer can erase all the data by visiting following menu:
    • Tools → Internet Options.
    • In the Internet Options, various options related to internet are stored. Out of them under General tab, one has to delete everything related to browsing data in order to clear Google search history.


  • The one using Chrome, can delete all the data related to browsing by:
    • Press shortcut keys “Ctrl + Shift + Delete”
    • Then click on Clear Browsing Data
    • But before clicking on clear, one needs to make a tick mark in front of “Delete cookies and other sites plug-in data”.
  • One can reach the same menu in following way: Tools → Options →Under the hood.


The one who wants to disable the this feature has to sign in using a Google account and then change the setting through settings tab provided on https://www.google.com/history/. After all, privacy is what matters most!

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