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Difference between Google Panda and Google Penguin

Google Panda and Penguin updates have literally sent the SEO community into a frenzy. Webmasters who were able to thoroughly understand the nature of these updates succeeded in quickly adapting to the new algorithms, whereas those who were slow to respond found that their website rankings were going for a toss.

Those who handled their websites well used their knowledge to differentiate between the two algorithm updates. Here, we intend to explain these differences to you, so that you can take appropriate measures for either of the two algorithms.

Google Panda Vs Google Penguin

ParameterGoogle PandaGoogle Penguin
The First ImpressionsGoogle Panda was first known with the name Farmer Update, and was first introduced on 24th February, in 2011. Google Penguin also made its first impression on 24th, but the month was of April, in 2012. It was named Over Optimization Penalty.
Progress of updatesThere have been 22 updates to Panda, since its first release. Only 3 updates have been seen, as far as Penguin is concerned.Only 3 updates have been seen, as far as Penguin is concerned.
Manner of workingReduce the rankings for websites that provide low quality content, or duplicate content that does not provide any value to the readers. Enhance the rankings of websites that provide top quality content, based on research reports and supplemented with statistics.Pull down the ranking for websites that violate the Google webmaster’s rule by resorting to keyword stuffing, inappropriate anchor text use, and irrelevant links. Enhance the rankings for websites that limit the use of anchor text, provide high quality grammar and English usage, and use limited and relevant links.
What features does this algorithm reward?Well researched and original content, supplemented with relevant reports and statistical figures, and unique images that add to the worth of the content, are sought after by the Panda algorithm update.Focus on serving the users instead of stuffing links, selectively posting relevant and limited number of links, avoiding over stuffing of articles with keywords, using correct grammar, are the sought after characteristics for Penguin update.
Are there any Google backed tools to make the websites compliant?Quite naturally, there is no such tool. Just that the content has to be made unique, and value adding for users. The Disavow Links Tool can be used for support in making the websites survive this update.
Recovering from the effectFocus on content, there's hardly anything more important than this. Keep the users in mind while you design your pages. Look for reports to quote in the content, and statistical analyses to add some weight to the content.Vow not to spam, as Penguin is particularly averse to spammy links on a webpage. Also, check your Google webmasters tools for any warnings pertaining to unnatural link. If you find them, then look for guidance on managing your way through over optimization.

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