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Blogger.com Now has the Option to Enable HTTPS for Custom Domain Blogs

On May/06/2016, Blogger.com team had published a blog post on their official blog informing that now blogger blogs with blogspot domains can have HTTPS in there blogs.

And they wrote one paragraph in that blog post. That was:

Existing links and bookmarks to your blogs are not affected by this launch, and will continue to work.

Please note that blogs on custom domains will not yet have HTTPS support.

And I’m not sure about anyone else, but I was really disappointed by this. I was like… I’ll have to wait for more for SSL? At that time, many WordPress bloggers around me were already moving their blogs from HTTP to HTTPS.

Hmm but now I’m really happy.

Blogger team seems to be finally working on HTTPS for custom domains and that also for free.

It the feature released?


Not at all. This thing is still being developed by the Blogger team. But for now, the feature is available in beta version, or say the draft version of Blogger.


But there are some redirection issues, i.e., non-www version doesn’t get redirected to the www version.

How to enable the feature?

You can quickly enable the feature, and it doesn’t require anything like Cloudflare or anything else.

Here are the steps:

  • Go to draft.blogger.com;
  • Select your blog from the drop-down menu available on the left of the interface;

  • Now go to Settings > Basic,
  • And see for “HTTPS Availability” section and click on the drop-down menu and select “Yes.”

Now you will have to wait for like… 10-20 minutes and then refresh the page.

  • And now you’ll see that the yellow box, that “HTTPS being processed” one, is removed.
  • Now see the “HTTPS Redirect” section and click on the drop-down menu and select “Yes.”

That’s all.


My Blog Doesn’t Have “Green” Padlock on the left side of address bar

That’s because of — Mixed content.

You don’t know anything about mixed content… right? Okay, so let me tell you about it.

See, let me tell me you the definition of two types of URLs.

  • Secure URL: https://www.example.com
  • Unsafe URL: http://www.example.com

Difference ?? One has https, and another one doesn’t.

Okay. So.

Suppose your blog has https in its domain.

Now there’s one restriction for you. You can fetch any data from the host/domain that doesn’t have https in it.

By “fetch” I mean this:

<img src=’http://www.example.com’>

or this:

<script src=’http://www.example.com’/>


And when your page tries to fetch data from unsafe sources, that yellow or grey padlock appears.

So, you’ll have to find every such data fetching code and remove it or just download the data (like an image) and upload it to Blogger.

For scripts, you can select the whole script, copy it and then paste it into the template HTML like this:

<script> /* script here */ </script>

And for images, you know…

<img src=’image_url_here’>

Just an example. Don’t forget to add the alternative text and title tag. 🙂

When it’s going to be public?

I already stated above that it’s not available in the public version of Blogger, for now. You’ll have to enable it from the draft version of Blogger first.

And now when it’s going to be available publicly?

We. Don’t. Know. Anything about this is not yet revealed by the Blogger team. I hope they do, really soon.

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